Krystina Thomas


The world that I see and perceive is a world overflowing with circles. We, you, and I are a component of that world. Circles are especially a part of me. For me, circles instill and symbolize greatness. The solar system, moon, sun, planets, earth, clocks, wheels, cycles, rings, eyes, drums, buttons, and donuts- the list goes on and on of circles that we see and use every day. Symbolically, circles represent inclusion, wholeness, focus, unity, nurturing, cycles, initiation, perfection, womb, centering, revolution, infinity, mobility, completion, and many more if one were to continue. The circle is an entity of nature, a glorification of pure mathematics, and an emblem or framework we use to appreciate and describe our world. In addition, circles are the focal point and background foundation for all of the art I make. I feel that I have a vital message to share with the world. Art is my outlet of sharing. Art for me is self-expression. This comes naturally to me because I know myself from the inside out. I believe that as humans we were put here to do two major tasks in order to fully play out our role in the “grander picture” or as beings of the universe. Those two responsibilities are: to be ourselves and not to just grow up, but instead to grow forever. Both of those statements can be represented by circles. I believe that if everyone understood that initiative, the world would be an enhanced place.

In a world where everyone is themselves everyday life is exciting, and everyone appreciates each other so much more. In this world, no one is precisely identical. Moreover if everyone is themselves evil would not exist. No one is born evil. This ideal world is an obtainable one; people just need to realize that. My goal is to open everyone’s eyes to the possibility of living in this world. All of the great people of history were subsequently successful because of how they stayed true to themselves and stood behind their beliefs no matter the case. For example, Mahatma Gandhi went to long lengths to support his missions and ideas. Gandhi had many road blocks in his way to achieving his missions. He had to deal with the Bubonic Plague uproar that occurred in India during the 1920’s, the harsh British rule over India, and many other hardships. Gandhi had a great following in India and eventually across the entire globe. He “sat down” for his beliefs and stayed anchored until he saw the change he was looking for. Gandhi understood that one must instill the change that one would like to see in the world. Gandhi found his seed and nourished it. Then once properly nourished he planted the seed back into the earth for all to enjoy. That seed is now the root to many movements we see today. Gandhi’s planted seed has spread its roots from Libya to New York. Gandhi and his beliefs are greatly respected. People respect those who are themselves, and in this world today it is a special occasion when one runs into a person that is really and truly them self; due to the commercial and material pressures of our modern humanity. Each of us is an individual. As individuals we can achieve great things if we become aware and conscious of what each of us has to offer; this is the message I try to share with people through my art. My second message for the world is to grow forever.

Don’t Grow Up. Grow Forever is my motto for life. I find it silly that we limit ourselves to just growing up. Why place limits on yourself when the world around us is overflowing with limitations? Each and every one of us has the ability to grow in our own way every single day of our lives. This fact discharges enchanting thoughts throughout my cranium. As a young child my favorite books to read were Dr. Seuss books. The unimaginable worlds that Dr. Seuss would take me to when I read his books led me to think beyond the world we know; his books opened up possibilities for expansion. In Seuss’s Oh the Things You Can Think, Seuss shares a similar message as my motto for life with dazzling rhymes and out of this-world-illustrations. I am a great admirer of Dr. Seuss. At first glance his work seems uncanny or childish, but the messages he carved out stood as strong as the pyramids of Egypt and I believe they will stay strong forever. My passion is creating the uncreated. With a quick glance, my work may seem weird or bizarre. I think exposure to the weird and bizarre open many doors into critical thinking. People who are exposed to the weird and bizarre think beyond what they know to be, which is great! It’s a higher level of thinking. The weird and bizarre challenges what we already know, creating questions, and questions are habitually followed with answers. Therefore, the weird and bizarre spark exploration and exploration is how things are created. Without creation everything we know would cease to exist. Although I create the uncreated, the created can inspire me to create. I have great respect for the creation of nature. A lot of my art is inspired by the natural patterns in nature we see all around us. I am an explorer. I explore the mind and body. Currently, I am surfing through the waves of my own existence, and I am riding goofy and ready to shred.

resume available upon request


  • Mixed Media


  • photography
  • sculpture
  • drawing
  • installation